1- Designs

Our drawings and collections are made by experienced and highly qualified designers and according to our customers needs or requests will be prepared and presented in sample works on special wishes.


2- Toe Sewing

Toe Sewing the Toe seams of socks are produced by our customers in the direction of their demands can be made in two different ways. Comfort (Rosso) sewing or Hand Linked. Ares Foreign Trade carries out its toe seams with Conti-Complett machines and Handlinked machines.

3- Knitting Socks

Our Socks are Manufactured with the latest technology LONATI single cylinder and double cylinder sock knitting machines.


4- Forming

Ironing The socks are ironed by HELIOT, TECNOPEA and CORTESE steam ironing machines. Ares Foreign Trade performs ironing of socks with 5 steam ironing machines.

5- Washing

Ares Foreign Trade uses Lavatec  brand machines in the washing section. Pre-washing can be applied to the socks produced according to the requests of the customers. Lavatec machines can apply antibacterial (Sanitized, Aegis, Purista), Aloe Vera, silicone and various essences.


6- Quality Control

Quality for Ares Foreign Trade, quality in every step of the production is a very important issue. Our experienced design team within the direction of our clients requests are first sampled and controlled in every steps.

All socks produced are controlled by our quality control team at every stage.

Our quality control team controls the socks in detail at every stage from yarn to transport. Thanks to these controls, Ares Foreign Trade has achieved all the necessary safety standards and this is a very important element that helps increase production quality for Ares Foreign Trade.

7- Warehouse

Ares Foreign Trade uses company own internal computer system. This system provides ordering in the raw material warehouse, the number of the products in the warehouse and the locating of the products. Thanks to the our system, all products can be found easily and quickly.